- Full gym immersion. The game is a workout.

- Beat your personal bests

- Inspired by real life events

- Live your dream of benching 4 tonnes and 20kg

- Grunts

- More grunts

- Even more grunts

- Did I mention grunts?

***Music is "Work Harder" from the LISA OST by Dingaling (aka Austin Jorgensen) permission was granted!!**

i made this in p5.js which is why the font's all blurry. didn't know how to fix that soz i usually work in gm but this was just a small thing i did for fun so meh

tbh only made this game because of delin's grunt voiceclip from shenmue lol. it's taken from a youtube video i found.


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I grew about 6 muscles from playing this. -Grey


This is awesome.