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hey, thanks for stopping by. "Princess Kero" is a small project i made as a sandbox project to see how far i could take a top down shooter. it doesn't really have a narrative, but you can just pretend you're a badass, gunslingin' princess who slays frogs. isn't THAT cool!???  videogams are really powerful, huh? 

if you have a controller, i recommend using one!! 

oh, and if you wanna follow me, find me on twitter @daviddchen!!

music by chantel eagle!! (@plebnutt)



PrincessKero.zip 4 MB

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This is so good! it would be fun to talk to you about rpg. please could you email wainstopenterprises@gmail.com if you would like to!

Fun game! the pistol seems pretty weak compared to the other weapons though. -Grey


Fun stuff! It's got solid game feel and a wonderful aesthetic. I look forward to seeing the continued development of this :)